(Currently intended to be folded into the larger "Devastation" mission.)

VIPER, now under Apogee's command, has provided additional forces to help try to grab a hold of the genesis device Proudstar. They aren't able to deploy much in the way of heavy weaponry; their contribution mostly amounts to a number of missile trucks/emplacements outside the mission area, which work to delay and slow down any sort of larger military response. Flame and Pharma are the two primary VIPER members for the mission-that's right, they're hiring robots now. They brought a +1, their newest Evil Science project (with Apogee's blessing): Jenzerker! (in-mission, best referred to in enemy lists and the like as Jen)

Grown from some organic samples taken when Jen joined VIPER, it's a clone of Jen. Her voice is the same, her face is...mostly the same, but she's perfectly loyal to VIPER-as much as she can be said to have loyalties. See, simple organic clones from DNA don't come with any memories. So a bevy of combat programs and routines were jammed into a computerized brain, along with a few phrases to throw out at Team Hero and hurt their feelings with. She's a drummed-up drone robot (albeit a very good one) that wears Jen's face and speaks in her voice. Thus, Jenzerker can't really carry on a conversation-she's no more sapient than a chatbot. Or to put it another way, VIPER spent some millions of dollars cloning a dead woman just so they could make UG feel bad.

Macha is the robot given to Jenzerker with which to menace our heroes. It clocks in at 25 meters of angry, rage-filled power. Those boxes on its shoulders are missile containers, ala Dendrobium; each one contains a plethora of micro-missiles, and all four of the containers can be launched. Its primary armament is a powerful beam cannon, no points for guessing which weapon that is. Finally, it carries with it a load of the various nanobots that can be used for utility, offense, or defense. Jenzerker tends not to use her nanobots for construction-she's too aggressive-so her options are a bit more limited.
Some nanobot abilities
-forming heavily armored claws on Macha's hands
-Forming a bayonet on her rifle
-Forming a set of 2-4 tentacles ending in spikes, sprouting from Macha's back or arms (she would like this in particular)
-Forming a set of long (100m+) monowire whips, one sprouting from each digit in its off hand (this has a tendency to slice up sections of the combat stage, or allies if they're in the way)
-Forming an extra layer of armor

Jenzerker can use the same "Accelerando" power/Super-speed mode that Nemain's variants were gifted with; however, being a drone robot, her attacks are predictable with a bit of work, and she can't change direction during her superspeed charges.

When introducing her, Flame and Pharma would treat Jenzerker as if she were just normal Jen. They'd say she was rescued from the bottom of the ocean and gave her a welcoming home, or something along those lines. Putting too much work into talking to Jenzerker will get her conversations stuck in a loop, kind of ruining that effect. Jenzerker will not care about the revelation of Nova Prime's true plan, and will attempt to continue fighting the protagonists until destroyed or disabled. A basic examination afterwards shows she's not even remotely human. Jenzerker isn't aware of who Gwen is, until told; learning this won't change her attack plans unless Flame tells her to. She'll also assume Gwen is an old friend of Jen, and address her as such-VIPER didn't know about Gwen, and couldn't plan for her-for instance, she might accuse Gwen of throwing her away or abandoning her.

Some things Jenzerker may say:
"What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost."
"...You abandoned me..."
"Hell's awful cold this time of year."
"What are you looking so upset about? For THROWING ME AWAY!?"
"I've had enough of your crap! Die!"

Because black is the new black

Seeing as how Doomstar is unlikely to get to pilot her Brute again, it was on loan to Gwen. She just made a few changes here and there...okay, a lot of changes, but it's technically captured war materiel, anyways, so it's probably fine. The money for the work was provided by selling off most of the Brute's parts; the 30m hulking monstrosity is now a slim, svelte 15m workhorse.

Medb borrows the same sort of outward look as Nemain, though it's naturally a good bit larger. It retains the super-speed (Now called "Accelerando" for marketing purposes) mode and nanobots. The larger reactor and engines mean it is now capable of sustained flight unaided, though it's not very maneuverable in the air. Its weapons are more stripped down, but plenty versatile-and it still has those nanobots to fall back on.

-2x knives, one kept in each foot-they deploy from the toe, like a sort of talon, and then can be kicked out and wielded normally
-Launcher Pistol: some compensating-looking pistol. It can fire either beam shots, or railgun-like rounds, and can be charged for higher damage. Otherwise it's semi-automatic. Halfway decent as a clubbing weapon, too.

A refresher on the applicaton and uses of Nanomachines, Son:

-Constructing weapons from available matter (doesn't work in space)
-Repairing allies or removing damage over time effects (again, no space)
-Turning the nanobots themselves directly into weapons (works in space, faster, but you're down nanobots)
-Inflicting damage over time on enemies (uses nanobots)
-Repairing Medb from available materials (S HP regen)
-Enabling the use of accelerando mode (without nanobots, broken ankles galore)

Gwen can remotely control her nanobots, so they can be used to create drone weapons-but splitting her focus like that is hard. They can also be used to make explosives, but that's kind of energy-intensive and not usually worth it unless beams or normal physical weapons won't cut it. Or it's really cool.
an_emulated_mind: (fondness)
Player name:Arach
Character name:Gwenhwyfar Jen二 Douglas
Source canon:Iteration/Acceleration
Community tag:gwen_douglas
Do I want a HMD: nope

Gwen is an emulation of a human's mind, running from a gynoid body. She's not 100% realistic-her eyes have a tendency to look flat, her skin is completely hairless aside from her head, she sometimes forgets to breathe-but it's a pretty good approximation.

The "Fork" of Jennifer Douglas created by Doomstar, given a body and turned loose. Her entry into the game will mark the first few steps she can take as her own being. She lacks memories of Jen's final mission.
Original canon background:
Gwen is something of a free spirit and trickster. She's cheery and happy with her life, because unlike all you meatbags she's got all the time in the world to have fun in it. (Note: 'Meatbags' is a term of endearment, not a slur). In many ways, she's Jen with her filter toned down or removed.

That said, Gwen has a pile of issues of her own to worry about. While she has the vast majority of Jen's memories, they're like watching a movie of someone else's life. She doesn't understand why Jen made a number of her big decisions, and she isn't entirely sure where the line between her and Jen even is.
Capabilities and Resources:
Gwen is more or less unkillable; her mind can be backed up and copied without limit, and she's already gone through and squirreled away a number of such backups. What represents death for most people is just a hit to the bank account and the loss of some of her memories-to truly kill her, for good, you'd need to have a world-class espionage group devote a lot of man-hours to hunting her down, or grind the planet into dust. Her limbs and body parts are fairly easily replaceable, but not cheap.

The specific body that Doomstar chose to house Gwen in almost perfectly mimics the human form. However, that comes at something of a cost; it's not as durable as "robot body" might lead you to expect. She's only slightly tougher than human normal, and much less strong or durable than any sort of combat-spec cyborg. A particularly strong human could beat her in an arm wrestling contest no problem, though her stamina's pretty nuts.

Gwen retains the super-speed mode that her predecessor had; nanobots mixed in with her "blood" make it possible to use without immediately breaking or destroying joints. Still, it remains something emphatically outside her specs, and though she retains complete control in her super-speed mode, she's going to need to rest and repair shortly afterwards.

While she has most of Jen's skills, she's much less good at improvising or coming up with off-beat ways to use the nanobots; she's more prone to take a proven method and stick to it. Gwen can additionally interface with and control machines, being one herself - though she won't necessarily be good at it without practice.
Position in Unity Group:
Pilot, Troublemaker, Mascot (self-appointed)


Unit Name:
Unit Description:
Terrain compatibility:
Favored terrain:



Mission requirement:
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